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Whom Do You Trust When You Can’t

October 17, 2012

Why do politician feel free to bend the truth or freely lie? Why do a vast number of businesses, particular ones who advertise in the mass media, make almost any claim about their products they wish? Why do we read of businesses exposed almost every week for cutting corners, selling shoddy merchandise or disregarding regulations designed to protect the public?

What if all of us felt free to do the same? What if all business owners were simply out for a buck? What if all of us lied or made things up when it served our purpose?

I don’t know about you, but I already feel that I have to have my guard up every time I receive a strange email, every time I hear about a new miracle product, every time someone tries to get information about me on the phone, every time someone I don’t know knocks on the door. What’s with that?

If everybody can say one thing yesterday and something entirely different today, where is the trust? If we purchase a supposedly good product or service and we get cheated, where is the trust? What happens if we lose it? What happens when we lose trust?

I don’t want to see the day. We will be living in a sorry place indeed. Without trust, we all will be headed to Hell in a hand-basket!

Wouldn’t gun sales, already high, climb? Wouldn’t everyone try to find a safe haven, a gated community, an armed compound? Hmmm we have these already! The point remains, we would never believe we were safe from strangers and we would remain guarded around friends and relatives as well. After all, whom do you trust when you can’t?

Why do we, the voters and the consumers, tolerate this BS? Why do have to have fact checkers? Whatever happened to the esteemed value in what a man or woman said?  Whatever happened to standing tall and telling the truth?

Why do we tolerate some politicians and some people in business who want to do away with all regulation, consumer agencies and the like? Why do we tend to believe that Capitalism, allowed to operate freely, will somehow do the right thing by us? Why indeed?

I don’t know about you, but it is time for We The People to stand up and be heard. There are good people out there. We need to stop electing representatives who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the butt and bring in the guys and gals who don’t play that game. If we let the self serving mob we elect now remain in power, we have no one else to blame when we wake up one morning and discover that it’s OK to lie and trust has simply up and gone!

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  1. Another great post…asking a relevant question!

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