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Happy Anniversary!

October 8, 2012

I stumbled out of bed like I had been knee walking the night before, shaking off the wobbles. No, I’m too old for nights like that anymore. It is the standard return to the living for me. I am a zombie for a time, swaying side to side like one leg is three inches longer than the other, moaning a bit, and blinking out from eyes still partially pasted shut.

My wife was already up and the coffee pot was huffing and puffing away, disgorging spurts of the liquid antidote we need each morning to survive. She poured it so fast it required a jolt from the microwave to heat it up.

She handed me a cup and said, “Happy Anniversary, dear.”

I, still more the monster than the man, took a full step back. It wasn’t that I had forgotten. I remembered all right. I just wanted to say it first. But like a jealous actress who wanted to steal the scene, she stole my line and made it her own.

Being married to her is like that. She always seems to be one step ahead of me. She picks the perfect time and place to catch me when I’m shuffling around, not certain just who or where I am, to charm me, disarm me, and schoolmarm me. Even before we wed, we had each other’s backs, we were best friends, and to a certain extent lovers as well.

But the very best of it is her undying affection for me. Once when I ran like a wild stallion and now as I walk as an old horse, she stands right by my side. Nothing  I have ever said or done, no matter how hurtful or unkind, has ever shaken her promise to me made forty-six years ago. In truth, I can’t even think of anything she has ever said or done to even give me the slightest doubt about mine!

Somehow we took our vows seriously. We were not just getting married. We were hooking up for life. It was an easy decision for both of us. We had been dating off and on for four years. Her mother told me that she was actually relieved when we finally tied the knot. She came right out and said that we were all over each other! And to tell the truth, that was true forty-six years ago. Further, it is still more than true today!

“Happy Anniversary!” It could almost go without saying. Sure, we have had our share of marital battles, but absolutely nothing but death will keep me from being happy. I still have my best friend by my side. What more could I want?

Well, she could let me say it first, next year!

  1. I will try to remember to let you say it first next year!!!

  2. Congratulations on being married for forty-six years!!!! I’ve been married for forty. Isn’t it great that life has less turmoil with a steady friend by your side? It sounds like you two are great for each other.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! You two were meant for each other and a great role model for all!!

  4. “knee walking”????? You? You next door neighbor maybe but YOU?

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