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Writing! Just Do It!

September 8, 2012

I have been writing lately and neglecting my blog. Since I have been hard at the fiction, I thought I would say something about the craft.

Since I started, I have met and talked with lots of folks who have thought about writing. That group would include my own daughters, but they see it as a future endeavor after my grandchildren are off to college, married or whatever. That brings me to my first point. If you are thinking about it, but have more pressing things at hand, you still should be proactive. Take notes! If you dream of writing children’s books or the next great American novel, start collecting your life experiences now. I never did. I just finished a book about my first job, a counselor / house parent position, in a camp for serious juvenile offenders. I remembered a great deal, but I wish I had been taking notes at the time.

Jot down small things too. Writing this morning, I had occasion to use substitutes for real, curse words. First I used “Cowabunga!” Later, I came up with “Rassa Frassa, miassa.” Do these somehow sound familiar? I dredged up the first from memory. I had a clue about the second, Googled it, then added my own twist. The point is that you can’t trust the think tank. Sometimes it is empty. Get systematic. Find a way to keep that cool joke, story, phase or description and secret it away.

Secondly, write something now. Apparently no one does email anymore. I used to love it. When I think of it, I write hand written letters, stories to tell my grandchildren, and, yes, a few long emails for those who still like to hear what’s on my mind. It shouldn’t be easy, but it should be no chore either. If you struggle, that’s fine. If you just don’t feel right, maybe you should take up origami or try tie dying T shirts.

You really should enjoy it, even if it’s just practice. I find that when I’m alone and lost in the world I’m creating, I feel it. I tear up when a character is in great pain. I laugh out loud as a character takes my pratfall. I don’t necessarily get chills when it’s cold, but I can see the character shivering in the dark.

I will close with a warning. You can’t have cold feet. You might as well take off all your clothes and walk naked down the street until they come for you and take you away. Your beautiful, full bottom is going to be hanging out there. You will stand alone. I keep thinking that if I happen to write something really good, it will be noticed about three days after I die. That’s just the way it is, unless….But, if the spark is there, go for it. Damn the torpedos! Bring on the stuff! Forget the sore back, put your butt in the desk chair, fire up that computer, and pull a NIKE!

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  1. OK, OK, I will get busy. Sheesh. Trouble is, I don’t write, I give birth.

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