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Child Abuse Investigators! Knock On Any Door!

September 2, 2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, one of our offices received a child abuse report indicating that a father was exposing himself to his own children. It came in coded for an immediate investigation. Apparently the child of a neighbor had just seen him do it! The unit supervisor assigned the case to one of his best who happened to be in the office and she headed out, pronto.

In my humble opinion this investigator was one of our best. She was experienced, although still on the good side of thirty, and unlike some of our people, she was fearless. She walked tall with the confidence of an assistant judo instructor, which she was, and the nerves of a sky diver, a past time she enjoyed as often as she could, like some would treasure a walk in the park.

She was gone for a fairly long time, and her supervisor began to worry about her. When she returned she had a wild story to tell. After knocking on the door of the house in question, she was let in the front door, only to spy a man stretched out on a couch with his penis fully erect sticking out of a pair of pajamas. He hurried to cover same with a white sock as soon as he could. Two rather young kids were in the same room, rather casually watching TV.

Much later, she would tell me directly, along with a gang of my staff, always ready for a good story, that she couldn’t stop staring at the sock. She said the room was rather dark, but the sock gleamed like the torch held high by the Statue of Liberty. It was the elephant in the room and for a moment or two she could not take her eyes off of it. She recovered quickly enough to express her outrage in no uncertain terms. The kids were sent off to their rooms and then she lit into both parents like they had just committed bloody murder! She was seconds away from calling the cops when she finally learned what was going on.

This happened years ago, before the days of Viagra, Cialis and the rest. Who knew? Our investigator had happened upon a man who had had an erection for more than four hours. He was in intense pain and could not stand anything touching his penis, let alone stuff it into his pants! Apparently even using the sock was extremely painful. Yep, he had the condition before most of us even knew there was such a condition. Our gal got in touch with a doctor, found out that the man needed immediate medical care and arranged to get him an ambulance. Apparently if left untreated, there can be grave tissue damage and, at times, sterility.

When you go out on a child abuse investigation, you never know what you will encounter. It could be Momma answering the door stark naked, or it could be a drunk ready to kick your butt. You have nothing but a card, a notepad and a pen. You have to handle it and do it right, or a kid may get hurt. In my opinion, the good investigators who knock on doors, not knowing what they may find, are heroes. If nothing else, put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to do it?

  1. Oh my!! Would not want to have that job!!!

  2. I’m afraid to smart off about that or even ask questions.

  3. I really do wish that someone came to our parent’s door when I really needed to be protected from, those family people, I really believe I would have been much better off, if they had left me behind and let me alone.

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