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Give Me Some Skin!

August 14, 2012

I am ensconced with my wife at our cabin in the woods. We love it here. Lately we have had night time lows in the 50’s and highs seldom ever more than 80 degrees. Plus unlike so many other areas of this great nation, we have had plenty of rain. As a result everything is lush and green.

Sadly however, as we drank our coffee out on the deck early this morning, I learned something disturbing that greatly troubles me. My wife has a contagious skin disease. I was probing a spot on my neck and asked her if it might be a tiny tick or something. We get them here but we have encountered none during this stay. Anyway, she looked at it and announced that it was just one of those things. I didn’t know what she meant. So she pointed to a small, raised, brown spot on her hand. It was one of those, she explained.

I had been wondering for a time why my own skin was deteriorating, particularly on my arms and hands. For some reason the skin on my arms seems to have become rice paper thin, tearing and hemorrhaging at the slightest touch. I can bleed openly or under the skin in volume with the prick of a rose’s thorn. On top of that my hands and face have been popping lately with white and light brown spots. If they grow together anytime soon, I’ll begin to look like a Guernsey cow. I thought it might have something to do with aging, but I am much younger! That kills that argument! No, now I know. I caught this disease from her.

She tried to explain it all away. She said that it was from over exposure to the sun. That made sense in a way, for her, as she grew up in Florida. I guess as a young girl she ran around naked on the farm where she grew up. I confronted her about that, but she denied it. I think she was lying. Even I run around naked once in awhile. Don’t you?

I really don’t know how she got it, but now she has given it to me. I can do nothing about it either.  I have to assume that I am contagious too. Guess I had better warn my adult children. If they are not careful around us, they are likely to look like us very soon!

From → Aging, Humor, Life Stories

  1. I love your sense of humor…you make me laugh! Guess that is why we are still together after almost 50 years (four dating)…46 married…

  2. Sense of humor? He is just remarking on the truth. I totally understand. Couldn’t possibly aging or running around necked.

  3. Very funny!! You guys make a wonderful couple!!

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