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Five Year Old Sex Slave

August 11, 2012

My wife and I are in the mountains again and enjoying every minute of it. I was going to take a break from the blog, but a story caught my eye.

A mother of a five year old in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been charged with selling her five year old daughter to a man to use as a sex slave. He apparently did just that and then killed her. Authorities found her body where he dumped her. He has now been arrested and will likely be charged with a host of crimes including murder.

Due to my background I have heard or seen just about every nasty thing that parents can do to their own, but this one truly makes my blood run cold. I understand that chimps sometimes raid other groups to kill and eat other chimps. That alone is sad. But how is it that we humans can make our species look like totally merciless savages in comparison?

The speculation has already begun. One defense expert predicts that the woman’s defense will be simple, that is, such actions by a mother do not make sense. Therefore you have probable cause for reasonable doubt. I guess we all want to believe that parents will protect their own children by the very nature of being a parent.


Thankfully most do. More than most! Almost all! But parents are capable of horrible crimes against their own children. Believe it. Pay attention out there. I think some good citizens did just that to help the police catch the murderer of this little girl. Unfortunately it was too late for her. Pay attention out there. Be a good neighbor. Maybe a word to the child abuse hotline in your state will come in time.

  1. OMG! Now you know why I want Eleanor back!

  2. What a sad story!

    • It’s strange that we are involved in the same topic, parenthood. Let me know when I’m getting too dark. I want to keep it light but still make a point now and then.

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