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Ten Feet Tall

August 1, 2012

Although I try not to make a big deal out of it, I am a writer, and I have published a few books. I self publish. I’m literally one in millions. Nobody even knows my name. That’s fine with me though. Who would want to go on the circuit and brag about a best seller?

Anyway, I had plans for the morning. I went to the gym. One goes to the gym to hurt oneself, to make muscles burn, and to mope around later with assorted minor injuries. Why else would you go? Anyway, I’m there attending to my masochistic wants and needs, when I am approached by one of the employees. She asked me if I would mind speaking to a little boy in the nursery. It seems he likes to write too.

Rats! I’m really just starting to enjoy the pain and now I have to leave my machine, abandon my workout, and go talk to some kid. It will probably take me fifteen minutes or more to warm up afterwards. I decided that after I talked with him, I would just call it a day. You know what they say, no pain, no gain!

The boy is eight and smart as a whip. He shows me the book he is working on. I was actually blown away. The kid was not only writing a “chapter book” involving dinosaurs and dragons, he was illustrating it too. I used to write little books for my grandkids. I could do the story in fifteen minutes. Then I would take a month to draw the pictures. Frankly his were better than mine!

I praised the boy. It seemed obvious to me that there was budding talent there. He smiled like a possum eating persimmons and hung on every word. Actually this little guy seemed to be as impressed with me as I was of him. I left the gym feeling great! That’s right! I’m a writer, Jack! For ten minutes or so, I really did have a best seller and at least one fan of mine thought I hung the moon!

You guys just go on about your business. Work, or work out, whatever yanks your chain. I don’t have to do or say anything for a while. I didn’t even hurt myself, and I’m at the top of the food chain, walking around about ten feet tall!

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