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A Shot In The Back…side.

July 27, 2012

I seem to have drifted some from the stories of those folk who must roam the streets investigating anonymous abuse and neglect reports.  Remember, this blog is dedicated to them. I’m telling you they have a tough job. Think of yourself as a totally innocent parent. You get a knock on the door. There has been an allegation that you may have abused or neglected your child. You want to know who reported you to the hot line. They are forbidden to tell you. You are likely to get hacked. Transversely, if you are guilty of child abuse or neglect, you are also likely to get hacked. Get the picture?

Anyway, here’s a little gem, one of those things that actually happened out there. The circumstances have been changed quite a bit to protect the innocent.

One of our investigators was working in town making follow-up home visits. Around noon she stopped by a fast food joint for a bite to eat. She gets out of her car and promptly gets shot! Yep, she gets shot right in the rump. The dart went right through her clothes and lodged therein.

A dart? Yes, I’m not making this up. It was a dart. An animal control officer in a used car lot down the street had fired at a stray dog. The dart skipped on the pavement in the lot, zoomed away and found the girl’s behind. She thought that she may have been shot! Of course! She certainly had!

She discovered the dart by gingerly reaching behind to examine the wound. She was incredulous, but got the picture when the animal control officer arrived. She pulled it out herself and handed it to the guy. He was a mess, probably thinking of a law suit and the immediate loss of his job. But, he wasn’t dealing with the average person. He had shot one of our people. First, they are usually as cool as the guys on the bomb squad. Secondly, she had already seen or heard of almost everything you could imagine on the job.

They got an ambulance for her to disinfect and patch up the wound. She began to feel the effects of the sedative, so the EMT’s made her lie down in the ambulance and rest. Within a relatively short period of time she was clamoring to go.  What’s the big deal, right? It’s all in a day’s work out there… on the streets.

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