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Child Abuse Hurts!

July 14, 2012

Honestly, there is enough bad news flying around these days. Unfortunately, kids get harrassed, smashed, and trashed  all over our great nation somewhere each and everyday. You certainly hear about missing children and child murders! I bet those shows really pull in the viewers by the thousands. Do we see shows about victims of regular old child neglect, violent corporal punishment, or child emotional abuse?

Do you see TV spots or catch public sevice notices on the radio that make you think of abused kids, that make you want to write a check or get involved? I’m not a big TV watcher. I certainly don’t live in front of one. But, I see ads all the time concerning animals. Frankly, there are lots of ads on the tube asking people to help with abused and neglected dogs and cats. They talk about how you can help. They mention adoption. There is coverage that spotlights shelters and staff. There are pleas for your help by way of  donations.  Better still,  they provide public education spots about the problem. They sometimes are graphic in nature to make the point. Abuse hurts!

Have you ever seen a local message concerning how to call in an anonymous report, give the number, and explain what happens next? Do you know where to easily find the number? Do you understand that you can choose to remain anonymous? I sure hope you have!

I want to tell you what I think about this. I have written two novels about people who abuse children, the social workers who must investigate the reports, and the cops who may have to make arrests. I have been told by friends and strangers alike that they don’t want to go there! I have been told straight up that life is too short to bathe oneself in such a dark and depressing subject.  The books are condemned without cracking the cover!

Serious child abuse, neglect, abandonment, and exploition really hurts. If we shield our eyes, cover our ears, and walk away, the abuse will continue there in the darkness where the injury is not easily seen and the cries of a child not easily heard. Yet, sometimes there is an easy fix, such as a change in Mom’s work schedule, to avoid leaving a kid alone after school.  In any case your call may help. Try to stay tuned in.

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