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Affordable Care Act

July 4, 2012

I don’t know what you think about the Affordable Care Act. I worry about deficit spending. I really do. On the other hand, I still wonder why the richest and most powerful nation in history has to tuck into bed thousands of sick, hungry, and/or homeless kids each night. In that regard, I saw on the web that a certain small population of foster children may get some enhanced health coverage. I sure hope you can buy that!

Some foster kids, even those taken into care at a fairly young age, never go home, never get an alternative placement, or never get adopted. There are a variety of reasons for this. Actually some kids just want it that way. Some may want to keep their own parent or parents even if they remain unable to care for them. Some have grown up angry, the result of being bounced around too much, having been moved from place to place once too often. Some may have grown up in a group home because they have medical or emotions issues to deal with because of the abuse or neglect. These young men and women may age out at eighteen, period, end of sentence so to speak. They are then truly on their own.

Others may enter into Independent Living, an extended phase of self sufficiency if eligible. The latter must qualify to get further education. That means graduating from high school or getting a GED and otherwise preparing to hit the books. They can receive additional support until they are twenty-one. In either case, when the time is up, they hit the streets ready or not!

The child welfare staff plan for these eventualities. But until now the young adults had to go it on their own in regard health care. You have probably heard that parents may now include children in their own policies until they reach the age of twenty-six. Now, the kids sent out on independent living from foster care may be eligible for Medicade for that same period. I’m not sure yet about those who leave at age eighteen with no further support from the agency.

Trust me, it is very hard to make it these days, particularly if you are going it entirely on your own. You wouldn’t do that to your own kids. Right? Well my friends, these are your kids. Put it this way, the government and the courts intervened and removed these children from their parents for good reason. It was no fault of their own.. Therefore, we the people have to fill in the void. Thank goodness this is not a huge population of kids. The numbers are relatively small. But, of all kids trying to flex their wings, these may be the most vulerable. Surely we can afford another little boost to send them on their way.

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