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July 2, 2012

My wife and I just got back home from a fishing trip to Joe Wheeler State park near Rogersville, AL. We were on the water for the better part of three days in temperatures at or near 100 degrees. Off the water it was much hotter. The crops were withering from a drought that has already stunted corn and beans and now threatened to destroy what remained. There was absolutely no rain in the forecast.

We got off the water ASAP when we could no longer find a bit a shade. We headed back to an air-conditioned house and showered to remove the sweat. Invariably while checking on the news and weather on the TV, we watched new footage of the huge fire that raged in Colorado. We watched as hundreds of houses burned. In addition we listened to weather reports from all over that seemed almost surreal. It was if the entire country was locked into a heat wave as thousands of high temperature records were shattered. On top of that,a freaky storm smashed through the eastern part of our country and caused wide-spread power outages, that left hundreds of thousands without power. It all seemed to add up to a whole bunch of misery, perhaps a small glimpse of our future here on earth.

I awoke early this morning and found myself at my computer on the 4 side of 5. I was reading headlines when I heard it. Thunder! Before long it started to rain. I walked out and peered through the dark to see it dancing in the street. I heard it rushing through the downspouts and splattering on the walk! It was not simply a hint of rain like a mist from an atomizer that so often teases us along the Gulf coast these days. No, brothers and sister, it was, and still is, the real deal, a by God, rain, the kind that many farmers could use right now, from sea to shining sea!.

It was getting very dry here too although we had record rains several weeks ago. I wish there was a way to share it. I wish that a sister storm had fallen on those thirsty crops up in Alabama.  I wish it could rain like this in the West and dampen those bone dry fields and forests. But wishing won’t make it so. Nevertheless, for those who suffer from the endless summer, please grab hold of a little of our rain here. Know that it still falls somewhere at 5:00 o’clock. I’m betting that your time will come soon.

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  1. Yes, it was wonderful to wake up to a really good rain storm. It is amazing that we can have over 17 inches of rain three weeks ago, and it was dry here again! So, even tho I was awakened early by the storm, I didn’t mind!

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