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Don’t Spit On The Floor!

June 18, 2012

This morning my wife and I walked a couple of miles on the indoor track at a local college. On the very first lap I noticed what we used to call a “horker”  right smack on the deck. In other words someone just spit on the floor. To be fair, I can visualize a person running hard and hacking up some spittle. It happens. But, there are bathrooms and in this gym there is a station with a box of tissues.

Believe it or not, I carry a hanky almost all the time. I normally have one in my pocket. I even carry one in my sweat pants. I was brought up that way. I’m getting along in years, but it wasn’t that long ago that men could flash one out at any time for a sneeze, table spill, or for the girl you just dumped for a better looking one. To tell you the truth, I need mine! I tear up at weddings and movies,.and I can get weepy watching certain TV commercials, for crying out loud!

So, I guess I got a little disgusted. Who spits on the floor anyway? I know, we get drunk, act the fool in public, play our music loud, litter, trespass, pee, cuss, or whatever, when and where we feel like it. But, usually that’s outdoors. Spit indoors! Please tell me that civility is not totally dead.

But sometimes it does seem that it is dying. We can certainly see evidence of its demise in politics as practiced these days. Almost worse, we see and hear of examples every day that folk are becoming more and more self centered. I am more important than you. We are more important than they. I will get my needs met..You can go fly a kite!

Sadly, little kids can’t compete with the loss of civility in their own homes. They get caught up in marital battles. Their lives can be turned upside down with parental verbal attacks, violence, and spouse abuse.. They can and often do get in the way. 

Don’t spit on the floor. Carry a hanky. Be ready to help another person who may need a little assistance. Hey, you never know. You might be at a movie, sitting next to a guy who is crying because the little girl’s puppy got hit by a car.. I might have left mine at home…

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  1. Showing class, Bob that seems to be forgotten in some parts of society. Keep reminding us.

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