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Come On!!!

June 17, 2012

Why am I getting very tired of the public discourse that seems to grind on and on about a women’s right to choose or not? I get the impression that we may see laws soon, sponsored by old white men, that require that a woman wishing to have an abortion be sent to a hospital for both a complete physical and mental examination all geared to set her straight. Further, why is it that those so concerned about life are seemingly content to watch children simply crash and burn all around us?

Our country abounds with unwanted children. The public agencies involved generally do the best they can. Unfortunately thousands of kids cycle in and out of care or languish in foster care until they age out and hit the streets. Many of those emancipated do fine.Many do not. In addition thousands more find their way into our prison system; their family becomes the gang on the street. Frankly finding homes for them is very difficult indeed.

Is it possible to struggle so hard for the unborn and lose sight of the unwanted children who are alive?

Working in a state system, I was responsible for foster care and adoptions one time. I’ve been there. It may be fair to say that our system for substitute care dates back to the 1800’s. Just find good homes for those who are unsafe or unwanted in their own homes! How hard could it be? I have no quarrel with the many wonderful foster families the various agencies manage to dig up and train. But, I guarantee you this, if you were to ask the staff and the foster parents who do try to parent these kids, they would tell you they could use some help. A lot of help!

Unwanted children do not necessarily grow up unscathed. Many bear scars emotional and otherwise. They do not come into foster care as cute little any significant numbers. If they do, the public agency with custody will no doubt let private agencies place them. Babies are much easier to place. Unfortunately unwanted kids come into the system older and often they come with baggage as well. Hey, easy! Just find a home! So what the ten-year old cusses like a sailor, throws violent fits, and wrecks the house! Just find a home! Right!.

There are many churches and independent organizations that provide excellent programs but they are generally mainline churches. In a sense they put their money where their mouth is by providing funding for group homes and such. But where are the right to life groups in this regard? Do they see the connection? Finally where are the politicians, these fine men who stand firmy on the ground enacting laws that seem to focus on the fetus apart from the woman, stripping them of privacy and control over their own bodies. Of course all these women get pregnant all by themselves and men need not concern themselves with the affairs of other men, Humph! Humph!

There are very good people on both sides of this debate. But, let’s pause for a while and have a real discussion about unwanted children. They are with us in untold numbers. Can’t we focus on them for a change or are we simply willing to keep them hidden……and add thousands upon thousands more?


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  1. Susan Thompson permalink

    Ya know “back when”, when we were all fighting for the passage of the ERA bills that gave women equal rights and abortion became legal, there was a group against equal rights for women called the “Moral Majority”. It was very similar to todays goings’ on.

    Well you know what? They were neither. And they still aren’t right about Morals nor the Majority!
    Pleas vote!

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