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“I Like To Watch”

June 16, 2012

My title is a classic line from a very good Peter Sellers’ movie, “Being There,” circa 1979. If you haven’t seen it yet, get it immediately and do so. When you get to the part where Sellers utters that line, you will fall off the couch laughing, I promise.

My wife and I like to watch too. Early in the morning, we like to get that first cup of coffee and sit in what we call a sun room and peer into our back yard.and watch birds fly in to feast on our feeders. Sound lame? Yeah, you are probably right, but what can I say.

The other morning there was quite a commotion out back. Two huge crows had flown in. They were no doubt intent on getting at the young in a mockingbird nest located high in thick shrubbery near our fence. But, the mocking birds were having none of it. Not one or two, but four of them attacked the crows, diving on and generally harrassing the intruders. They not only chased them out of the yard, they chased them out of the neighborhood. The last we saw of the crows, they were hightailiing out of view, high over a tall pine, with three of the four mockingbirds still dive bombing them from behind.

We all might do the same thing if strangers appeared in the neighborhood.and tried to carry off a child. I’m fairly sure of that. But, would we intervene if the danger signs were less obvious. Would we listen up for unusual crying? Would we check the child’s demeanor or look for bruising? Would we go talk to the parents, straight up, and ask them in a nice way if their child had been ill or some such innoculous query like that. Or, would we turn away, assuming what they did in their home was their own business?

If you ever wonder what might be going on next door or down the street, flock up with some other neighbors. Talk it over. If the general conclusion is that the brats are just hollering because they can’t put the puppy in the fish tank, relax. It’s that simple. But, if your flock senses that something might be amiss, go enmass and talk to your neighbors. One bird attacking a crow might get its feathers clipped, but three or four is a village, if you know what I mean.

By the way, I like to watch. I think I’ll get that Seller’s movie again just to see he and Shirley Maclaine in bed together one more time..

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  1. cobracruising permalink

    Another great blog! It makes one think!

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