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Child Abuse Humor? ..

June 13, 2012

I am still learning how to manage a blog. Some would say I’m in the old dog category. No way! I can type!. God gave us two index fingers for something besides pointing. Anyway, I was working on “tabs.” Tabs are key words to help attract readers.I had not been using them. So, I started off with a tag for each separate blog that I had written. I used “child abuse.”

Then it hit me. Several of my ditties were supposed to be funny. So, I went back and typed in “child abuse humor.” Think about THAT for a moment. Is there anything funny about child abuse?

Make no mistake, There is nothing humerous about a child getting lost, hurt, battered, starved, burned with cigarrettes, verbally abused, or emotionally battered. I hope I don’t have to explain that. But, child abuse investigators and others involved with children who get tossed around in their own homes must find a little humor in it once in awhile. Yes, brothers and sisters, there is such a thing as an inside joke, light comedy in what can be a dark world. I have to assume that first responders and others who toil sometimes in the midst of violence, human misery, grave injury, and death, will tell you much the same thing. Call it office humor, inside stuff, or what have you, if you are emotionally invested in work which will tear at your soul from time to time, you better find a way to blow off steam.

I put a comma in the phrase. The stories tagged now as child abuse, humor are stories that made some of us smile. They are told with no disrespect for anyone. Honestly,, if there were no way to cope, I don’t think we would ever find enough people to grab a note pad and wade out into the streets to jump right into the middle of another family’s business to maake sure a child is safe,

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  1. Another excellent blog! I have often wondered how people deal with things like this in their jobs day in and day out… I believe that they would have to let it go when they get home from work and also have a sense of humor in order to deal with tough issues such as child abuse!

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