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From The Lighter Side…The Rest Of Tthe Story

June 11, 2012

Investigators have time limits in which they must complete a child abuse and neglect iinvestigation. This report allowed for twentyfour hours, because the reporter had not indicated that the children were in IMMEDIATE danger. By the time Riley got back to town, he had about twenty hours remaining. He went straight to the Sherriif’s substation.

” All right,” Riley said to the deputy. I’ve been out there and now I need your help. That SOB met me at his door with a shot gun. I had to lie to get out of there.”

“Crap!” said the cop. “I guess we will have to round up some boys and shoot the fool. Let me get on it. It will take some time to get things in place. I’ll call you at the office later this afternoon.”

Riley went back to his office and busied himself by closing out two older investigations he had completed the day before. Then he walked across the street to get a sandwhich. When he returned he made some collateral contacts on what he believed was a nuisance report, apparently called in by an ex husband on his former bride. He received a phone call around 3:00 P.M. He was to meet the posse at the substation at 6:00. Oh, that’s just peachy!. he.thought to himself. Why don’t we just wait until dark!

There were three cars in the caravan. Riley was in the lead. He had been instructed to go in first. The five well armed deputies would back him up.

He parked about where he did before and glanced at the police as they filed down the lane. Satisfied that he was protected, he strode straight up to the house. Somehow he sensed that he was being watched. At the bottom of the steps, Riley hollered out. “Mr Brisbane, are you in there?”

“”You brought the law did ya boy!”

“You better believe it. There’s five deputies out there,” Riley said confidently. As he did so, he turned look back at his well armed companions. His jaw dropped. Both cars had stopped at the very edge of the weedy yard a good thirty yards from where he stood. Worse, all the deputies were crouched down, hiding behind open car doors, pointing all manner of death dealing rifles and shotguns in his direction!

“That your backup?” Brisbane asked. “I have to admit, they’re backed up, all right. You reckon you will survive this shoot out? I won’t need to kill you.They are going to take care of that for me.” he said, actually chuckling.

Riley had had it. Here he was standing unarmed between enough firepower to take down Fort Knox. He was as much hacked off as he was afraid. Of fcourse, he’s not particularly happy eitherr way.

“Listen, Mr. Brisbane, I need to find out if you have been abusing your children, you know striking them hard when they act out. Someone called in a report of abuse.

“Come up here, boy!” the man demanded. “I’m not gonna hurt you. “Tell them punk-assed lawmen to relax a bit too!” 

Riley stands still for a moment and then did as he was told. After telling the police to relax, he started up the steps only to hear car doors slamming shut and engines cranking away. On he porch, he watched in amazement as the good guys turned on their heels and ran.

“Why me, for Chrsit’s sake?” Wiley said..outloud as the last car disappeared.

“You know man, you shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” Brisbane said. Riley ended up laughing and it was all cool between the two men from that moment on.

Brisbane invited him in, fetched his three teenaged boys and they all talked. The boys were much like their father, tough as nails.One was sporting a black eye. It turned out he had gone up against his father because he wouldn’t let him go to a party. The boy told Riley he deserved what he got. That child, the little boy that had been so mistreated, was six-three, at least, and weighed in at 220 pounds. .

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