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Preferring The Light

May 26, 2012

I was reminded once again recently that I am writing about something dark. Child abuse is not usually a subject discussed around the dinner table. At the same time, child disappearances and murders are given wide coverage. I find this to be particularly true of my email service provider and certain shows on TV. Remember Tracey Anthony?

I have been told by some folks who know me well that they honestly prefer not to enter that world, not to think about children getting hurt. Why? Because it is too ugly, too painful.

I have to respect that opinion. There are lots of subects that I do not waste my time exploring. For example, I really have trouble with war. I went public by way of a letter to the editor of my local newspaper with grave concerns about invading Iraq; BEFORE the attack. It was not a popular opinion back then. I just thought that the administration had not made a case for war. Remember “weapons of mass destruction?” Bottom line I’m worn out on the battles, the destruction, the loss of lives, the wounded veterans coming home. When I sent in my letter I thought that I was supporting the troops. A few responses to my letter claimed otherwise. I believe that we truly need to be very careful before we set loose the dogs of war. If I were in the military, I think I would deserve nothing less. Thus, the whole subject saddens me.

But here’s the point. I, and everyone else who doesn’t want to think too much about the human cost to our warriors, need to quit moping around about the battles and do what we can for the wounded and their families. The same holds true for those who don’t want to think about little ones who are abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned. I get it. I really do. But, If you do see or hear something that concerns you, a simple, toll free, anonymous phone call might save those kids from growing up with battle scars that may never heal.

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