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May 22, 2012

I really hate to bring this subject up. I’m male, afterall, a father and grandfather as well. It was the bear in the picture above that got me thinking about it. We like to think of the bear as cuddly like the teddy we may have had as a child. But there is a darker side to this amazing animal. Some males, including some bears, will attack a mother’s cubs. This behavior is seen in other species as well. A lion may kill a female’s cubs in order to mate with her and have his own.

One of the most dangerous child abuser is the boyfriend. Sometimes children from another father just simply get in the way. There may be no attachment there. The boyfriend may have absolutely no interest in a long term relationship with the mother and her kids at all. His motivation may simply be sex.

You may have heard of terrible crimes against small children that involved bone shattering violence. Perhaps a baby is shaken to death. Perhaps a child is thrown against the wall. Often it’s the boy friend who has silenced a little one’s cry. Why? Because the mother is distracted and her attention shifts from boyfriend to baby. He wants to have sex and the little SOB won’t shut up! So, he sees to it. If Mom is not now preapred to enjoy his favors, she may get thrown around too.

Technically these crimes may not be child abuse. I’ve been out of the field for a time, but traditionally, the adults involved must be in a caretaker status. Thus if the boyfriend does not reside in the home or assist in the care of the children, he may simply be charged with murder. I think there is a reason that prisoners generally dislike fellow inmates who have hurt children, one way or the other. The so-called man who attacks a helpless child is about the lowest form of humanity that you can get.

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    Love your posts !! Keep blogging !

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