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May 18, 2012

We arrived at the house, Minnie and I, still jabbering about a man with an apparent purpose and pistol. He came out to greet us. A short, chubby fellow, maybe five six with orangish, red hair and the usual array of freckles, stood in the yard, sporting a welcoming smile. I saw nothing but a pleasant grin. Minnie could spot the obvious signs of utter madness. It was the last thing she relayed to me before we got out of the car. Frankly I wish she had kept her read on the guy to herself. I’d be lying if I didn’t begin to wonder. He had a dark blue Dickie’s work outfit on, both the pants and a matching shirt. I didn’t like the fact that he had that blame shirt buttoned all the way up to his neck. That could have been a sign that Red was wrapped too tight.

After I told him why we were there, he introduced himself and invited us in, amicably like old friends. After he shut the door, Minnie and I both froze. Outside of a sharp beam of light coming from a small opening in the curtain on a sliding back door, the house was completely dark.

Stating the obvious rather nervously, Minnie said, “It’s very dark in here.”

“Yes, we had to nail up carpet remnants over the windows. They were coming up to the house at night trying to get in,” Marlin said. “I shoot at them to run them off,” he added.

“Who’s trying to get in?” I asked.

“The Haitians!” he said. “There is a gang of them operating in the area.”  Damn! This guy is a little creepy afterall, I said to myself. I figured we better get straight to the point and get out of there.

I asked if we could see the kids. After an affirmative reply, I asked if Minnie could check on the children. He called out to his wife and Pamela appeared. From what I could see of her standing in the shadows, she looked thin and ragged, like someone who had not eaten or slept for a time.

“Take the investigators back to the bedroom so they can see the kids,” Marlin said. The woman moved toward the dark hallway from whence she had come and gave a slight wave of a hand, signalling us to follow. 

“You go talk with the mother and children,” I said to Minnie. “I want to ask Marlin a few more questions rergarding the Haitians.

Minnie gave me an awful look and a slight nod of her head. I assumed that she had just signalled me that she was NOT going anywhere with that witch without me. I gritted my teeth and gave her my own nod, silently communicating to her to get her ass in gear! Reluctantly, she disappeared with that woman into the utter darkness of that hall. A chill crept down my neck as the thought entered my head that I might not ever see Minnie again.

TO BE CONTINUED>>>> again.

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  1. For the love of God, keep writing these atrclies.

  2. Gee wlikliers, that’s such a great post!

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