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In The Mountains…

May 15, 2012

I’m currently in the mountains, thus the picture. It was taken by a trail camera, a camera mounted on a tree with something placed in photo range to draw in the animals. I used to hunt a good deal. Now I’m satisfied with the capture of the critters in pictures. I think they prefer it that way too.

Obviously I have not been spending much time here. I’m going to try to dress up this place. I may actually work on it today. But, the sun is shining and the mountains call out to my wife and me. If you were here, you would understand.

More to the point of the blog, I am still a little shocked that we seem to be ravenous for little scaps of news that grab our attention for a minute or two. I use AOL and it is full of the stuff you could once only find in tabloids. That would be a gruesome murder somewhere, a boy chained up and starved to death, a so called celebrity running around acting the fool, and a mumified alien found in a old freezer. I made the last one up.

We delight in this stuff. We like to stare at the freaks in the show. But, we often turn away from abuse, particularly child abuse. Like spouse and adult abuse, the abuse of children normally occurs in the home. We believe in the sanctity of the family. Parental rights are honored and respected. We often don’t even look at what may be in plain sight right next door. While child abductions create intense interest and headlines, child abuse often remains hidden. It can be ugly, and we might not want to get involved. What parents do with their own children may not be any of our business. Right?

But, for right now, I’m going to check out the woods. Maybe I’ll spot that wild turkey hen with her chicks again, high on the mountainside.

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