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Child Abuse investigators

May 5, 2012

Has anyone ever seen or heard of a good movie about child abuse investigators? I don’t remember any and I have been around for awhile. Every day, around the clock,  there are folks responding to reports of child abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Reports come in from the public or from other professionals who see children in their line of work, such as doctors, nurses, teachers, child care providers, etc.  There are thousands of reports made each week. Most are taken in through a hot line established for that purpose. Some are serious, some are petty, some are totally false and some involve a child’s death. Bottom line, investigators must go! They must hit the streets and find out the truth. And they better be right!

Frankly, these good folks are almost invisible, unless of course they have received a complaint about you or a loved one, or if they have made the wrong decision about  a case, failed to do a good investigation, and some child ended up getting hurt. Then you might hear lots about them. Then what you hear is entirely negative.

In my humble opinion, almost all of the folks that worked for me, mostly women, were special. I don’t like the way we throw around the term “hero.” Cops are considered heroes. Firemen are considered heroes.  And it is easy to see why. Yet, abuse investigators rush in where other fear to tread as well. They usually carry no gun, they usually have no arrest power, and they are almost always alone.  They also risk their lives occasionally.They often face danger, threats, and intimidation. And they save lives! 

I hope to write more about these folks, share some stories, share my books about them, and drag them out of the shadows. Stay tuned! Bob


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